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Dr. Dmitriy Uchenik, Mass Spec administrator
email: uchenik@chem.ucsb.edu
phone: 805-893-4252
fax: 805-893-4120

Location and Hours

The Mass Spectrometry facility is located in room 4624W in the Physical Sciences Building North (PSBN) attached to the Chemistry building. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Instrument Training

Currently, researchers may receive operator training on the QTOF2 and the HP GC/MS instruments.

Generally, each research group designates a "superuser" for each instrument and that "superuser" receives in depth training from facility personnel. After being checked out by the facility staff on an instrument the superuser is granted sign-up privileges and is then responsible for the use of that instrument within their research group. The superuser may run samples for others in their group or train them to use the instrument. Additional users from a research group may obtain sign-up privileges after being checked out by facility staff.

Reserving Instrument Time

Instrument time reservations are on a first come-first serve basis. Reservations for exceptionally large blocks of time must be approved by the facility staff. An on-line reservation utility can be found here. Users are assigned log-in credentials after satisfactorily completing instrument training. Please see the facility manager for more information.

Additional Services

The facility staff is always available to answer questions and consult on specific analytical questions. Additionally we are pleased to make presentations to research groups and classes regarding facility capabilities and mass spec techniques in general.