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Sample Submission

Samples may be submitted for analysis by facility staff by filling out the Mass Spectrometry Sample Submission form available in the facility or in PDF format here. The form should be filled out as completely as possible with the information requested, including contact information, sample description, probable structure, molecular formula, and expected molecular weight (use monoisotopic mass for compounds <1500 amu.) Indicate the solvent, if any, in which the sample is submitted. If not in solution, indicate an appropriate volatile solvent in which to dissolve the sample.

Samples soluble in organic solvents should be submitted in 1 dram glass vials with teflon lined screwcaps. Samples may be submitted neat or dissolved in an appropriate volatile solvent. Water soluble samples may be submitted in 1 mL plastic microcentrifuge tubes. Generally, a few milligrams of compound is sufficient.

Samples requiring unique or special handling should be discussed with facility staff prior to submission.

If you are unsure of which technique to request please consult facility staff prior to sample submission.

Requests for GC/MS and LC/MS analysies should include chromatographic conditions. Researchers may be required to provide their own columns.



Sample submission form: