Submission Form


Sample Submission

The MS Facility accepts samples to be run by facility staff on any of our instruments. Sample submissions can be brought to PSBN 4624W and either given to facility staff directly or left at the door. All submissions should be accompanied by the sample submission form. Recharge rates are found here. Please note rates apply even if the desired results are not able to be produced. If you have any questions, please contact facility staff.

Neat samples are preferred over solutions when possible for small molecules. For proteins/peptides, solutions are preferred. Please make sure that you use MS-compatible solvents (no DMSO or DMF) and include the solvent and concentration in your submission form.

For samples that require special handling, such as those that are not benchtop-stable, please contact staff before submitting your samples to make sure we can meet your needs.

Open Access Use

The MS Facility is available for use by researchers trained by facility staff. Currently, only the microflex MALDI-TOF is available for full open access use. If you would like to receive training on the MALDI, please contact facility staff to set up an appointment. Expect training to last approximately 1 hour and cover basic safety, sample preparation, and instrument operation. Basic supplies, including solvents, several common MALDI matrices, and general use target plates are provided by the facility.

Upon completion of training, users will be added to the Google Calendar enabling them to reserve instrument time. Instrument time reservations are on a first come-first serve basis. Reservations for exceptionally large blocks of time must be approved by the facility staff. Recharge rates are found here.

The LCMS-9030 UHPLC QTOF will be made available for open access use in early 2024. In the meantime, the instrument will be operated by facility staff through sample submissions and/or assisted use by appointment via email with facility staff.

Due to the age of the GCT Premier GC-MS, this instrument is operated primarily by facility staff through sample submissions. The GCT Premier can also be made available for assisted use by arranging an appointment via email with facility staff.