The MS Lab is Open for Sample Submission

Please fill out this google form for submission of bench stable samples.

MALDI Open Access available by appointment.
If you have need of open access use of another instrument, please contact lab staff.

Sample Submission

Samples being submitted for analysis by staff should be accompanied by this google form. Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible. Recharge rates are found here. Please not rates apply even if the desired results are not able to be produced. Don't hesitate to contact staff if you have any questions.

A few milligrams of compound is typically sufficient for analysis. It is prefered that samples are submitted neat. If samples are submitted in solvent, please indicate both the solvent and concentration of analyte in the google form. Please note that solvents must be MS compatable. Dichloromethane is the prefered solvent for nonpolar compounds and methanol is the prefered solvent for polar compounds. Samples should not include DMSO or DMF.

At this time, sample submissions are open for GC-MS and MALDI analysis.

Our GC-MS can provide both nominal mass and accurate mass measurements. The instrument runs on with a standard DB-5 column and is routinely used for the analysis of low to mid polarity volatile and semi-volatile thermally stable compounds from 50-650 Da. Researchers requesting GC-MS of samples incompatible with a standard DB-5 column will be required to purchase their own column and will be charged labor and materials used in column installation and removal.

Our MALDI provides nominal mass measurements for a wide range of small molecules, peptides, proteins, nuclein acids, and synthetic polymers with a mass range of up to 500,000 m/z. Please note that the MALDI is not capable of providing accurate mass measurements for the purpose of elemental formula determination.

Open Access Instruments

At this time, the Bruker microflex MALDI is open access for trained individuals.

Users wishing to utilize open access instruments should contact staff to recieve the necessary training. Upon completion of training, users will be added to the Google calendar enabling them to reserve instrument time.

Instrument time reservations are on a first come-first serve basis. Reservations for exceptionally large blocks of time must be approved by the facility staff. An on-line reservation utility can be found here. Users are assigned log-in credentials after satisfactorily completing instrument training.

Basic supplies required for MALDI operation are provided. There are two general use target plates kept in the facility at all times. Many groups have also been provided with target plates. Common MALDI matrices including 2,5-DBH, CHCA, Sinapic Acid, and Dithranol are all available in the facility along with a number of common solvents. Necessary callibration standards are also available.