Recent Facility News

The MS Lab is Back in Service (05/19/2021)

The MS Lab is once again accepting sample submissions. For any unstable or otherwise non-routine samples, please contact Ann Williams for consultation on services.

The MS Lab is Temporarily Not Accepting New Samples (05/13/2021)

The MS lab manager is currently training temporary staff who will handle day-to-day lab business after the manager's resignation. To provide time for training and prepartion of the lab, no new samples will be accepted. Please bear with us during this transitionary period. Sample submission will be open again in the near future, keep a look out!

It's been a pleasure to work with all of you. Whether by skill, grit, or luck, I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

Happy Holidays!

The MS lab will be closed from 11/24/2020-01/04/2021. Users working over the break are encouraged to submit samples once the lab is reopened. If there are any emergencies with the lab instruments, please call me at the phone number on my door.
May the new year bring you new happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The MS lab will be closed from 11/25-11/30. If your samples will be stable until 11/30 and you're comfortably with leaving them in the hall, you can feel free to submit them. Otherwise, please hold on to them until we get back from break.

MALDI is Operational (10/05/2020)

The MALDI's 20kV power supply has been replaced and the instrument is be back in full working order.

MALDI Unavailable: High Voltage Failure (09/17/2020)

MALDI high voltage is failing to ramp. This breakdown appears analogous to the one suffered in late 2018 and will most likely require a power supply replacement. Completed repairs will be announced here. If you would like detailed notifications on the repair timeline as they become available, please email management.

MS Lab will be shut down 9/18-9/22 due to planned power outage.

Southern California Edison has announced a campus-wide power outage from 9/19-9/20. As a result, all MS lab instruments will be vented and powered off starting 3 pm 9/18. Barring unforeseen issues, the lab should be operational by Tuesday, September 22. Some instruments may be available sooner.

MS Lab Open, Click Here For Open Access Protocol (06/22/2020)

The MS lab has been approved for limited open access usage. Open access usage will be scheduled by email appointment. Only MALDI and ESI Open Access are currently permitted. Please see the link above for the protocol.

MS Lab Open, No Open Access Use (06/16/2020)

The MS lab is open for sample submission, but has not been approved for user access at this time. Samples will be accepted 8a-5pm by appointment. Please email ucsb-mass-spec@chem.ucsb.edu with your drop off time and sample information or fill out this google form. Please do not fill out the usual sample form.If you have urgent need of extensive open access use, please contact me and I'll take it to Chair Buratto.


The Mass Spec lab is CLOSED in response to orders from the Vice Chancellor of Research to shut down all campus research facilities. I will not be accepting samples or allowing any open access use during this time, but if you have questions about data previously collected or any other MS related questions please feel free to contact me.

MALDI Available. Please Report Any Problems. (03/04/2020)

MALDI maintenance has been completed. Instrument is in good working order, but establishing vacuum after inserting the plate may take a little longer than usual (~5 min v.s. usual 2.5 min) for the next couple of days. This is normal and will resolve over time. Please report any other issues in a timely manner.

MALDI Will Be Down For Maintenance 03/03-03/04 (02/28/2020)

Preventative maintenance of the MALDI will be carried out from the morning of March 03 through March 04. Assuming no complications, the instrument will be available on the evening of March 04.

MALDI Available. Please Remember to Report All Issues Immediately. (02/20/2020)

MALDI appears to have pumped down OK and is now available for use. Please let me know if there are any issues.

MALDI Was Left Leaking Vacuum o/n. Work in Progress (02/19/2020)

A user had an issue with the MALDI last night, but did not report the issue until this afternoon. MALDI was left leaking vacuum during this time. Instrument must be fully evacuated to avoid short circuit due to any water that has entered the system, which will take time. Unless the vacuum system has been damaged, the MALDI should be available on 02/20/2020. Updates will follow.

ESI Open Again. Instrument Impurity at 245m/z (02/04/2020)

ESI preventitive maintenance has been completed and the instrument is available for Open Access use. There is an impurity being observed at 245 m/z which appears to be diethyl phthalate. This may be coming from the newly installed O-rings and will hopefully burn off on its own. If the impurity persists more than a week I will consider venting the instrument for another cleaning.

ESI Open Again. Instrument Impurity at 245m/z (02/03/2020)

ESI preventitive maintenance has been completed and the instrument is available for Open Access use. There is an impurity being observed at 245 m/z which has not been accounted for. It may be something coming off of the new O-rings and may resolve itself. If the impurity persists more than a week we will continue trying to track its source.

ESI Available 01/30. Down for Maintenance 01/31-02/03 (01/30/2020)

ESI resolution was recovered after cleaning the source, but the instrument is due for preventative maintenance which will be started on the morning of 01/31. The instrument will be evacuated and conditioned over the weekend and should be available for use in the afternoon of 02/03.

ESI Resolution Low. Maintenance in Progress (01/29/2020)

ESI Resolution is ~1/2 of what is expected, too low for accurate mass determination. Basic source cleaning is in progress. If more in-depth cleaning is needed the instrument will need to be vented and will not be available for several days.

ESI Repaired. Open Access Available (01/17/20)

ESI's EPC has been repaired. The instrument appears to be working normally, has been calibrated, and is ready for open access use. Please let me know if there are any issues.

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